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  • Before the Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch, I used a diaper pouch that held a mat, diapers and baby wipes. Diaper changes were such a challenge as I held my wiggly daughter in one hand while struggling to unzip the pouch held between my legs, to take each item out. The Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch is ultra easy to use and holds all of my essentials! I love that there's no fussing with zippers or compartments, and the best part is the baby wipes are always easy to grab! Before the Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch, I was always frazzled digging for my misplaced baby wipes and by time I found them, my daughter had likely spread her mess all over everything. This product has really simplified the clean up of everyday messes!

  • As a mother of three, organization is key! The Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch makes diaper changing nearly effortless while I'm on-the-go. I can keep a hand on my squirmy baby while changing diapers with the other hand. The wipes are easily accessible since they they are attached and there aren't any zippers or extra compartments to fuss with. I've tried many portable diaper pads, and I will only use the Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch - it's the best!

  • I love the Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch!! I no longer misplace my baby wipes and I can clean up sticky fingers before the mess is everywhere. The Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch is so easy and convenient to use because of it’s streamline design - diaper changes while on-the-go have never been easier! I don’t have to compromise my personal style to be a prepared and attentive mommy!

  • As the mother of a busy and hungry 18-month old, I need quick access to my supplies at all times. The Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch is my new go-to/must have for any outing. It's stylish, allows me to condense my essentials for our daily adventures. I'm able to wipe that yogurt from her chin faster than it can spill onto her adorable new outfit. In short, I'm obsessed with my Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch!

  • Wow​! The Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch has made diaper changes so much more pleasant for my little one and me. I love it’s compact shape, wipeable surface, and one hand operation to easily grab wipes! My baby enjoys the soft head pad and literally smiles through the whole diaper change!

  • I LOVE my Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch! It has saved my tush many times! We live an active lifestyle and the Diaper Clutch has provided such ease because I have everything I need to take care of any mess at my fingertips. I never leave home without my Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch and sometimes it is all I leave home with (and the baby, of course)!


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