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10 Tricks of Happy Moms

Have you ever wondered how those upbeat moms we see around town keep up their positive and happy attitude? In honor of a New Year, we took a poll and here’s what we found!

  1. Get Your ZZZ’s – Don’t under estimate the importance of getting sleep.  You’ll never find your “joy” when you’re walking around like a zombie because you’re sleep deprived.
  2. Ask For Help – There’s truth in the expression “It Takes a Village.”  Don’t be ashamed for asking for a hand when you’ve got a lot on your plate.  You’ll be surprised how much you can get done when you have a moment to focus on the tasks at hand while your little one is enjoying herself with a babysitter or willing relative.
  3. Get Your Groove On – Making it a point to get a good sweat and your heart rate up does wonders for the soul and your overall attitude.  Make this part of your routine and it won’t be long until you notice the boost in your energy!
  4. Schedule Some “Me Time” – Once the little ones are down for the night, take a moment for yourself by getting wrapped up in a captivating book, soaking in the tub or flipping through a magazine while enjoying some tea.
  5. Play Catch Up – Not on the daily tasks around the house that haunt you, but catching up with a close friend or relative that you haven’t been able to connect with in awhile.  Hop on the phone or grab a cup of coffee, you’ll be surprised how an enjoyable conversation with someone you love can fill you up!
  6. Soak Up Some Fresh Air – If you’ve been home all day and can’t remember the last time you left the house… pack a bag and head out with your little one.  Go to a park, find a mommy & me music class, read together at the local library.  Fresh air, sunlight, and nature are believed to be critical mood enhancers for women.
  7. Plan Some Fun – Whether it’s a stay-cation or an extravagant vacation, get something fun on the calendar.  Having something fun to look forward to can brings optimism to ordinary days.
  8. Date Night In – Plan a dinner that’s not on the usual rotation, divy up the eats so you’re both cooking two different dishes for a yummy meal in and put the kids down for bed 15-30 minutes before normal.  If you have a babysitter just a call away, then head out to a restaurant you’ve been wanting to try!
  9. Divide and Bond – If you have two or more children, schedule some one-on-one time for you to connect with each one individually.
  10. Try Something New Together – Explore and enjoy something new as a family over the weekend.  Try bumper bowling, check out a kid friendly museum, get creative at a paint-your-own ceramic studio
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