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10 Parenting Tips to Be Your Best Self

With my youngest child’s birthday on the horizon, I couldn’t help but question where the time has gone. I’ve been doing some reflecting and compiled a list of tips to help me be the best mom for my children. Hopefully you’ll find this helpful too!

  1. LISTEN – My little ones are constantly chatting away.  There is almost never a quite moment in the house, so it’s easy to tune out.  But one day the house will really become silent when they move out.  So I’m trying my best to be more present and enjoy the chatter and occasionally engage to provoke ideas and conversation.
  2. QUALITY TIME – Between household chores, work, errands, etc, etc, it’s easy to allow the days to pass, checking off the boxes on the To-Do List.  Instead of zipping through books at bedtime, I’m making the effort to slow down, cuddle tighter and enjoy the book.
  3. SMILE MORE – It’s easy to function in auto-pilot.  But smiling makes me more “present” and is a small gesture to show I care.  And let’s face it, a smile is infectious.
  4. FIRM, FAIR & FRIENDLY – Know your non-negotiables with behavior and the fair consequence.  It makes follow through easier and communication will be stronger for explaining better actions that can be taken next time.
  5. BE AN EXAMPLE – Children may learn by what we say, but more from what we do!
  6. MAKE TIME FOR YOU – When you nourish your soul and needs you can give more to your children.
  7. SHOW APPRECIATION – Positive parenting has so many great rewards.  Letting your little one know when they’ve made a good choice reinforces the good behavior for repeat results.
  8. BE OPEN TO LEARNING – There are so many parenting books out there, it’s for a reason.  There are a million different ways to parent, there are tips that will suit you and your lifestyle if you open yourself up to new suggestions.
  9. BE PATIENT – Inevitably something will go wrong.  Take a deep breath (or several) and maintain your composure.
  10. DO YOUR BEST – Mommy guilt can’t haunt you when you give your best effort.
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