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5 Soothing Teething Remedies

Ever wonder if all that fussing and drooling is linked to your little one getting her first tooth?  While every child is different, here’s a timeline of when you can expect to see that first pearly white and how you can help ease the pain!

  • 6 months: lower central incisors
  • 8 months: upper central incisors
  • 10 months: lower and upper lateral incisors
  • 14 months: first molars
  • 18 months: canines
  • 24 months: second molars

Here are Some Remedies to Help Soothe the Teething Pain!

  1. Wet washcloth and put it in the fridge to get chilly, but not too cold.  Frozen toys or washcloths tend to be way to harsh on those sensitive gums.
  2. Massage your little one’s gums with a clean finger.
  3. Toys that make noise, not only is it fun for to hear a rubber toy squeak but it’s just enough pressure to help ease the pain.
  4. Distraction.  Babies are easily distracted when something is really engaging and they can quickly forget what had them in a tizzy.
  5. Pain reliever such as Acetaminophen can be given, but check with your doctor first.

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