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Who’s Liv & Lila?

We named our company after our inspiration, the little girls in our lives!

Where are Liv & Lila products made?

All of the Liv & Lila products are proudly made in the USA (in California!!)

How do I care for my Liv & Lila™ products?  

  • The Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch should be sprayed down and wiped up with soapy water to maintain a sanitized space for your little one!
  • We recommend washing Liv & Lila Nursing Scarf on the cold cycle and lay flat to dry or on a low tumble setting.
  • Pull the inside liner out of the Wet Bag first, then machine wash cold, and lay flat to dry.

Are the materials used to make the Diaper Clutch safe for my baby? 

Absolutely!!  Your child’s safety is our biggest concern which is why the fabric and the entire Diaper Clutch have been inspected by a third-party and are Consumer Product Safety Inspected and Certified!  There are no toxins for your precious baby, which means NO BPA, PVC, Latex and Phthalates.

Which brand of baby wipes are compatible with the Diaper Clutch? 

The Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch is compatible just about every brand of baby wipes.  In face we have yet to find a brand that doesn’t work.  For the most comfortable fit and most space for the diapers, we recommend using a baby wipe count of 32, although larger quantities can fit.

Does the Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch™ attach to a diaper changing table? 

The purpose of this product is to conveniently access everything you need to quickly change dirty diapers while out of the house.  For that reason, NO, it cannot be secured to a surface.  Children should always be closely supervised and never left unattended.

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WARNING:  Liv & Lila products are not intended for child play.  Child should always be supervised with items.  NEVER leave child unattended on the Diaper Clutch.  Liv & Lila will not assume any responsibility or liability for negligence.

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