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What’s Next??

2014 has been one heck of a ride!

Sweet Cheeks launched this past Spring with the Diaper Clutch.  The brand “Sweet Cheeks” was developed as a play on words on how the Diaper Clutch is used.  It’s cute and a little fun.

Creating useful, multi-functional products is what matters most to us!!  So naturally we wanted to expand our product line.  This Fall the reliable Wet Bag and versatile Nursing Scarf were introduced.

We’ve always known…
  • We want to provide baby gear that is so darn convenient it allows moms to keep their personal style.  Because becoming a mom does not mean you need to compromise your sense of fashion!!
  • The boundaries of baby gear should be pushed so it’s not limited to accomplishing just one task, but instead, able to address many needs of a parent.  So parents can leave the house with convenient gear that aids them to QUICKLY tend to the needs of their little one!
But here’s what we realized as the product line expanded…
  • “Sweet Cheeks” is a limiting brand name that just isn’t a good fit anymore as the product line has expanded, nor does it embody the image/brand our products deserve.

We’re saying good-bye to Sweet Cheeks as our brand name and are developing a brand that is relatable and easy to love!  Stay tuned as we inch closer to rolling out a new look and brand!

Your support is so important to us and MUCH APPRECIATED!!  Please take a moment to share the Sweet Cheeks website with your pregnant or new parent friends.

Much Love,

The Monica’s

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