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Our Story

Liv & Lila is a mother-daughter owned,  and we pride ourselves in being a small company because it allows us to get personal with you!!

Our inspiration came from the little ones in our lives, Liv and Lila, and wanting to be able to enjoy our time together while away from home.  Our products are carefully crafted and proudly made in the USA!

We create chic essentials for baby with convenient designs preferred by mom. Now you won’t compromise style or function with our Diaper Clutch, Nursing Scarf & Wet Bags.

How We Got Started:

Feeling frustrated with items on the market we got to sketching and created the Diaper Clutch!  Addressing every mom’s diapering needs – immediate access to baby wipes to quickly address clean ups and a streamline process to get through diaper changes rapidly.

We’ve set out on a mission to create multi-functional baby gear for the fashion forward mom!  Moms don’t compromise! So why compromise your sanity carrying around extra stuff that will bog you down?

You won’t find a more convenient Diaper Clutch than this!

  • Stop feeling frazzled while searching for the much needed baby wipes as sticky fingers approach you!  The baby wipes attached to the outside and are always quickly accessible, even when the Diaper Clutch is closed!
  • You won’t be caught without your diapering essentials while away from home again!  With a quick glance you can see if you’re Diaper Clutch is stocked and ready to go!  Unlike other items on the market, you can easily see if your Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch has diapers and wipes loaded!
  • Keep a confident, safe hand on your baby at all times!.  The Diaper Clutch opens and closes with just one hand and unfolds to a large diaper pad!  No compartments to fuss with or changing pad to pull out.  It’s one, streamlined product with everything you need!  See how it works!

Have a safe spot for soiled clothes while away from home with a Liv &  Lila Wet Bag.  It tri-folds and stores under the baby wipes in the Diaper Clutch.

The most recent product launched is the versatile and chic Nursing Scarf.  The unique design transitions the nursing scarf from an infinity scarf to a nursing cover-that won’t slip and provides full coverage for privacy.  No longer worry about your waistline being exposed as you lift from the waist to breastfeed in the company of others.

All of the Liv & Lila products are proudly made with love in California, USA!


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