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Liv & Lila’s Diaper Clutch Takes the Mess Out of Messy Situations

New baby gear designed to bring out the “Inner Super Parent”


(Dublin, CA – July 16, 2014) Changing a baby on the go has never been easier, thanks to the new Diaper Clutch from Liv & Lila. This portable diaper pad is unlike anything else on the market because parents can open and close it with just one hand, and baby wipes are always accessible, even when the clutch is closed.

Liv & Lila is a San Francisco-based mother and daughter team who are on a mission to create baby gear that empowers parents to be their “inner super mom or dad” while away from home. Liv & Lila wants parents to feel confident and prepared to tackle unexpected messes while they’re out of the house.

“As a mother of two, I found myself always searching for baby wipes to clean up random messes my children made, to quickly clean their faces or hands or change a soiled diaper,” said Liv & Lila Co-Founder Monica Jacquay. “We simplified the process for parents and caregivers by creating a diaper clutch that’s easy to use with one hand and has wipes always within reach.”

Families are living more active lifestyles with their young children and want to stay organized and feel prepared, should unexpected messes occur. Most products on the market require both hands to open or set up the portable diapering system, making it challenging to keep a good, safe hand on baby. The Liv & Lila Diaper Clutch opens and closes with one hand to a large diaper pad with attached storage for diapers and small ointment. The Diaper Clutch has everything a parent needs to create a sanitary place for a baby to lay while having a diaper changed.

Liv & Lila is also committed to giving back to the community and has partnered with Give Together (website: www.givegrow.org), a nonprofit that is dedicated to cultivating the next generation of philanthropic leaders. Give Together creates volunteer opportunities for families with children as young as two years old and provides parents educational resources to discuss giving back. A donation is made to Give Together for every transaction made on Liv & Lila’s website, www.LivAndLila.com.



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