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10 Easter Basket Items for Your Toddler to Learn

Easter baskets are a fun way to celebrate the holiday, but don’t get sucked in to creating another toy filled gift!  We put together a list of our 10 favorite items to encourage learning, exploring and imagination for your toddler!

  1. Play-doh – Get your hands dirty with your wee-one and show him how to manipulate the doh to create shapes, which is awesome for developing fine motor skills.  Here’s a recipe to make play-doh.  If you’re afraid of it getting eaten, make these quick wacky sacks!
  2. Sidewalk Chalk – Draw shapes and images in various colors and encourage your little one to give it a try too!
  3. Finger Paint – She’s going to love exploring the texture and the paint on her hands! Worried about it getting in her mouth, here’s a recipe for edible finger paint
  4. Book – Introduce a new concept with a new book.  Little ones are especially goo-goo over the books that have sensory touch patches.
  5. Tugging Toy – Toddlers love cardboard boxes, here’s a super cute spin on how to repurpose a box of tissue!  This will have him exploring with determination to figure out where the ribbon is going and coming!
  6. Seeds and a Small Water Can – Have your little one by your side as your plant the seeds, and he’ll love watering the plant (or veggie) everyday with you!
  7. Puppets – Puppets are AWESOME for the much loved tickle game, but she’ll also love putting her hand inside and trying to make it move too to spark the imagination!
  8. Bubbles – The fun of bubbles can last an entire afternoon or until they run out, and gets your little one moving!
  9. Color Pages – Another fine motor skill task to enjoy, here are free Easter print out color pages
  10. Large Stickers – Getting the sticker off the page is half the fun for these little ones as they learn how to place them on their own hand, shirt or artwork

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