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Are Ya Sure Your Travel Bag is Ready?

As if family travel isn’t chaotic enough, doing it during the holiday adds on another layer of chaos!  It sometimes feels like the entire house needs to get packed in the travel bag!

The checklist is endless…  snacks, toys/books for entertainment, nursing cover, diapers, wipes, portable changing pad, diaper rash ointment, change of clothes if there’s an accident, somewhere to store the clothes if there is an accident, hand santizer… the list goes on forever!

So why not avoid breaking your back, lighten your load and streamline your travel bag?!?

The Sweet Cheeks Diaper Clutch is going to help you feel put together, well equipped and ready to quickly aid to any mess thrown your way!  The baby wipes are attached and always accessible, and it unfolds with one hand to a large diaper pad with storage for diapers and ointment!  With the Sweet Cheeks Diaper Clutch there is NO more misplaced baby wipes, no more going to change a diaper only to realize you didn’t have a diaper (because you can’t tell if your diaper clutch is stocked), no more useless frustration!  The Wet Bag, tri-folds and stores under the baby wipes so it’s there when you need it most – when the accident happens!

Don’t pack a nursing cover!  The Sweet Cheeks Nursing Scarf is stylish, comfortable and quickly transitions to a full coverage nursing cover!  Don’t worry about your back side or the side of your stomach being exposed!  Have the confidence that you’re nursing in privacy as you pull your shirt up from the waist line.  See how it works!

Get equipped with Sweet Cheeks multi-functional baby gear, and impress those moms that are doing it the hard way!

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