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What’s In Your Baby’s Soap?

If you’re like me, you trust the big brand names that have been around for years and believe their products are¬†reliable and safe for the little people in our lives that we love so much! Would you be surprised to hear that 80-90% of the ingredients used in cosmetic and skincare items are NOT tested to see if they have any negative impact on human health? I certainly was! Which is why I’ve made it a mission to learn more and help educate!
As I started to do a little research, I learned…

Formaldehyde and formaldehyde-releasing preservatives (FRPs) are used in many personal care products [1], particularly in shampoos and liquid baby soaps. These chemicals, which help prevent bacteria from growing in water-based products, can be absorbed through the skin and have been linked to allergic skin reactions and cancer.

No doubt, this is a public health issue!!


Now is the time to educate and to take a stance on our personal and family’s health!

They are taking a stance for change and you can too!
60% of what we put on our skin is absorbed into our body.

We love Beautycounter because they are…

  • Committed to educate families to check labels so we can start controlling our environments
  • 100% transparent on the ingredients used in their products
  • Working hard to update the laws that surround the beauty and health industry to keep us and our families healthy

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